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Communic Agro Processing Ltd.(Communic Agro)  is a proposed project that intends to set up a Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant in Dinajpur. The company has been incorporated two years back. The main aim of the company has to “produce save hygienic process food from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables”


Bangladesh, a country of tropical and subtropical climates, produces large volume of highly nutritious fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are highly valued in human diet mainly for vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Dark green leafy vegetables, yellow orange vegetables and fruits are especially good sources of dietary fibre, folate, and a wide range of carotids and vitamin C.Bangladesh is fortunate in having a wide range of leafy vegetables and local seasonal fruits.Unfortunately, a considerable proportion of the harvested produce never reaches the consumers mainly because of post harvest losses. The estimated post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables lie in the range of 20-40% (Wills et al. 2004).

The project has designed to promote inclusive business through Contract Farming to grow fruits & vegetable (without using of harmful chemical fertilizer and pesticides) naturally. The project is also promoting the pack house technology to minimize loss, and maintain quality and safety of fruits and vegetables in the supply chain. Communic Agro is a brand in the private sector. The company has a professional team into cultivation where the products are grown or procured as per the quality required for domestic & export markets.


  • extend the shelf–life of fruits and vegetables without undergoing any spoilage
  • introduce large scale contract farming (Inclusive Business)
  • reduce the use of pesticide
  • introduce hygienic and value added as well Tasty products
  • Daily consumable products of fruits & Vegetable


The project is in its initial processing stage. Hopefully by the end of the 2019, the project will go for the production.

Contact Details:

Nahid Sarwar


Communic Agro Processing Limited

House # 24/A, Apt# C-2, Road # 42, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Contact Number: +8801713008243

Email : sarwar.nahid@gmail.com

Web: www.communicgroup.com